PODCAST muzaik 012 mixtape by Faidel

PODCAST by Muzaik
Based in London, UK

Muzaik, Radio show at Loca Fmyour essential weekly programme, every Monday 01h – 02h GMT+1 on Loca fm radio, Spain www.locafm.com Just hang out with the best electronics sounds in a warm atmosphere

Programme 020, selected and mixed by Faidel


01 – Fabio Scalabroni – Mechanical Butterfly (Original mix) Boirecordings
02 – Deni Diezer – My Space (Original mix) SubSpiele
03 – Fingers In The Noise – Echo System (8 Four Remix)
04 – Deni Diezer-Walking On Roofs (Original Mix) Deepindub
05 – Faidel – Unison (Original Mix) Etoka Records
06 – Zzzzra – Sens et puissance (Deni Diezer Remix ver. 2)
07 – Marc Neyen – Marginella (Original mix) Archipel
08 – Lazzich – Dry (Original Mix) Electronica
09 – Matthew Burton, Nick Lawson – Take Me Away (Original Mix) Fear of flying
10 – Lazzich – One Love (Original mix) Electronica
11 – L Cio – Dot (feat. Miro Silveira) Archipel Musique

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