PODCAST at Morgen Fm
Based in Ibiza, Spain. Running by Alex Humann

Here programme 028 Morgen Fm by Faidel, Released by Morgen FM [Afterhours] Release date 26 January 2016 Station Loca FM radio, Spain

Special radio show from Loca FM (Spain). Our weekly program will have new hours , Every Saturdays [07:00 to 08:00 a.m. GMT +1]  but our Afterhours essence remain intact. Tune the frequency of your area or through the official web site and dive with us to the coldest and evocative electronic nature by Alex Humann

+ inf Morgen FM [Afterhours] Release date, 26 Jan 2016

PODCAST 233 at Deep Afterhour
Based in Greifswald, Germany. Running by Der Klient & Blank Kit

More than 3 year offering exquisite underground style, diferents sets by Andrey Pushkarev, Anton Kubikov, Kirill Matveev, youANDme, Alessandro Crimi. The 233 editon was recorded by Faidel playing only own tracks released by several labels like Archives, Sub.spiele Records, Tehnofonika, Etoka Records and so on

+ inf Deep Afterhour Release date, 26 Jan 2016

PODCAST MOSHImix47 at Moshitaka 
Based in Chicago, USA

Himoshi Takanawa presents Moshitaka like one of the reference labels in the world, ARTISTS Anton Kubikov, Audub, Buruciaka, DoubtingThomas, Doyeq, Gavin Marks, iPca, Martin Avaro, Nikosf, vinyl editon here MOSHITAKA

MIx 47 Released by MOSHItaka, created by Faidel, recorded on March 2015

including music by Nikosf. I Hatikvah I Deni Diezer I Advanced DreamsI David Wesley I Alex Humann I Etoka RecordsDeeper Meaning

Tracklist, click here

+ inf Moshitaka  Release date, 26 March 2015

PODCAST 119 at Hello Strange (Germany)

Hello Strange se presento como una de las mejores series de podcast enfocados al Dub y al Techno pioneras, imagen cuidada y gandes selecciones musicales siempre en su canal, artista como FedersenMartin NonstaticOhrwert  etc nos han dejado en esta web alemana grandes y buenos momentos musicales  

Here podcast 119 produced by Faidel “We are getting ready the summer, lots fresh deep sounds within distance from Dub techno. I hope it like you, a big thank Hello strange, peace and love”

Sounds by Federsen I Fatih Tuter I Martin Nonstatic I Sensual Physics I kjofolI Mr. Cloudy I kISk I Ohrwert and so on…

+ inf Hello Strange Release date, 26 Jan 2016

Focus 7 at SubSpiele
Based in Cologne, Germany running by Frank Sebastian

Despues de la produccion del disco realizado para Sub.spiele llamada “Air & Pressure” tuvimos la posibilidad de grabar este mix para ellos, si quieres encontrar mas información sobre el disco haz click en el siguiente enlace: “Air & Pressure – CD-R/Digital”

Sub Spiele 113 “in this podcast, I present what I have selected as the best music of 2014, a special and beautifully sound, comfort in each track and the quality in selection, I´m really happy and is a great pleasure to work with sub.spiele

You can listen to my podcast below or click here to download & playlist it.

www.subspiele.de Release date, 26 Jan 2016

PODCAST by Tehnofonika Records
Based in Servia running by Goran Geto

Sello discografico que cuenta con más de 20 releases en el cual estan incluidos albunes de artistas como Fingers in the noise, Brickman, Faidel

“después de editar mi disco llamado “Alaska Preserve” por este fantástico sello tuve la posibilidad de grabar un podcast para su serie Tehnofonika Podcasts” 

Serving finest Deep/Dub/Ambient sound!

+ inf Tehnofonika Release date, 26 Jan 2016

PODCAST Betyar Records series
Running by Alex Humann y Miklos Vajda

+ inf Betyar Release date, 26 Jan 2016

PODCAST by Muzaikfm
Based in London, running by Faidel

MUZAIK Radio Show on Loca fm, Your essential weekly programme, every Tuesday 01h – 02h GMT+1. Dub Techno, Deep, Ambient. Just hang out with the best electronics sounds in a warm atmosphere, Selected and mixed by Faidel. Muzaik is a official programme “Dub Techno channel at Loca fm radio

Playlist with 27 set at Muzaikfm, clik play

Enjoy with Muzaik fm like you want and where you want. Loca Fm Radio, electronic music radio Spain, you can enjoy with the best electronic music and with the best dj in the world. Paul Van Dick, Luis Junior (KOMPAKT), Fatima Haji,  David Gausa, Dj Bee, Hardwell and so on…

+inf Muzaik

PODCAST by Deep Electronics label Based in Den Helder, Netherlands

Deep Electronics explores the realms of deep music all around the web. Searching for deep sounds and textures. Dj’s and producers presents there favorite music and productions

On every wednesday of the month they release the well known and respected Deep Electronics Podcast. Here dj’s and producers present there favorite music in a mix of even a live set. Already released digital music and limited editions CD-R

“Welcome to the 71th chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast, for now a new chapter mixed by Faidel. A mixture of the finest electronics textures, Deep Dub and Dubtechno”

+ inf Deep Electronics  TRACKLIST click here Release date, 26 Jan 2016

PODCAST  Z-nsred at Etoka Records (Liverpool)
Based in Liverpool, UK

Etoka monthly Podcasts Series, despues de la edición del album “Zensored” realizado para el sello ingles, tuve el placer de grabar este podcasts al lado de mi gran amigo y compañero Alex Humann

esas tardes lluviosas de domingo, que para los músicos son tan importantes, hablar de música, compartir producciones, darle forma a nuestras ideas, de esas fantásticas reuniones salió este set realizado para Etoka Records”

+ inf Etoka Records Release date, 26 Jan 2016

PODCAST Konstelacije at Formaviva
Based in Kundi, Slovenia

Formaviva is an independent electronic music podcast determined to bring recognition to exceptional artists that are unknown. Formaviva seeks to raise the standards for listening by providing a carefully curated selection of experimental music

Konstelacije was recorded by Faidel

Join to them and improve your sound mood with set by Hakimonu, Kashatskikh and so on

+ inf Formaviva Release date, 26 Jan 2016

Based in Madrid, Spain

MoebiusFM 207 // Mixed by Faidel

Podcast realizado para Moebius Fm, nada más y nada menos que el programa número 207, set deep para entrar en calor, recuerda que si quieres escuchar o descargar los otros 206 programas de Moebius Fm solo tienes que hacer un click http://www.moebiusmusic.com

+ inf Moebius Release date, 26 Jan 2016